Life on Malt

At Malt, we provide a space where you can thrive, personally and professionally.

Malt is a small planet where big things happen. Everyone who engages with Malt—whether freelancers, companies, or even our own employees—brings a little piece of themselves to fuel our freelance marketplace and make everyone’s "universe" a bit more complete. Working on Planet Malt is a joyful, fast-paced, and challenging adventure where big ideas are turned into solutions that have the potential to impact millions of people around the world.

What does it mean
to join Malt?

Make an impact

The work we do has already made a huge impact on the freelancers and companies who use our platform, but it's also quickly changing the broader labor market around us. And that's exciting! We have such an opportunity to make a positive impact on each other, as we work together to achieve some pretty ambitious, yet completely achievable goals.

We thrive on doing amazing work to fuel the greater good. It's been in our DNA since day one.

Grow your career

We like to think that we recruit the best talent out there. So, we've created non-stop opportunities for our employees to develop, grow, and challenge themselves, empowering them to carve out the career path of their dreams—whether it's to one day become a team leader, be the best individual contributor imaginable, or start an entirely new career adventure with our internal mobility options. And we do that all in a dynamic, supportive, fast-paced, and fun work environment.

Find your work rhythm

We give our employees the flexibility to establish a work rhythm that supports their own success. We know there’s a lot more that people care about when they come to work than just work alone. Doesn't matter if you're junior or senior—or have kids, pets, or plants at home to take care of.
Everyone has a busy life outside of the office. And if you've got an important appointment to attend at 10:15am, you shouldn't have to take an entire day off to do it. We give you the space to strike a balance that works for you.

Fuel your personal pursuits

We also know just how important it is to give our employees the space to stay true to their personal goals (each in their own unique way).

This includes getting to take a one-month sabbatical—after working with us for three years—to pursue a dream project, sponsoring participation in sports competitions, or buying work-related books to keep on learning something new every day.
I joined Malt five years ago as a Customer Care Representative and then after getting promoted to a Senior Customer Success Manager role, I had the opportunity to move to the UK to build and grow Malt’s presence there.

My journey at Malt is just beginning; there are just so many new opportunities to grow opening up every single day. And that’s exciting!
Léna Caliari, Business Developer UK

Joy is our secret sauce,

True, the work we do is a serious matter—after all, it aims at changing the world of work!
But we also believe that it should be fun, tooring a spark of joy to our employees' lives.

That's why we make a point to plan a lot of other fun stuff throughout the year to bring
our team together,get to know each other better, and celebrate our successes.
(And by the way, if you love karaoke, you'll definitely enjoy it here!)

Meet our team

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