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Our story starts in 2013 with two digital freelancers, an entrepreneur and an idea to create a product that would help freelancers and clients work together in a simple, secure way.
Today we are over 180 Malters serving a community of over 180,000 freelancers and 85,000 clients in France, Spain, Germany and soon in other European Countries.

Our values

Working at Malt is special. And our values are what help us keep things that way. They provide the framework for our entire business, from how we work, to who we hire, to the way we handle success and also failure.


We're powered by people, who we empower in return. For our freelancer community, that means helping each one of them unlock their talent, while protecting their interests and providing work and security. For our clients, that means finding the perfect people for their projects. For us, that means recognising the human in everyone, and treating them accordingly.


Our ambition is simple: we want to grow a great company without stepping on people along the way.
We'll do that in part by nurturing your ambition in the form of thoughtful leadership, and opportunities for personal development. Just remember that at the end of the day, you're in charge of you.


We don't care if you come to work in a button-down or a t-shirt. Your morale counts more than our image. We want Malt to thrive in every sense of the word, and we're pretty sure joy is the secret sauce.


Malt won't work, let alone grow, if Malters don't feel free. Free to take smart risks, test and learn.
Work remotely, while human connection is central to what we do, we know that everyone needs to just focus from time to time.
Fail without fear of retribution, and without pointing a finger at anybody else.


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