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Values and culture

It takes a community

They say it takes a village, well at Malt it takes a community. We look out for each other and we believe sharing is the best way of showing we care. Whether it’s knowledge, networks or even a good meal, there is always room at the table.

Ambition is the way

It’s our desire to have a big, positive impact on the world of work and we know it comes one step at a time. We celebrate our victories and we get ready for the next challenge. Ambition is not a destination, it’s our journey.

Own your choices

When Malters are free to act with autonomy, take smart risks and work their way, then we as a company are stronger than the sum of the individual people. We are not afraid to address challenges ourselves, we go fast, we learn and we always aim to do better.

Joy is our secret sauce

Joy is a habit and we are addicted (a bit like karaoke). We believe in putting a little bit of cheer in everything we do. Success comes more easily to those with an optimistic, can-do attitude.

Our story

3 Malters

0 to 793 freelancers

7 Malters

Implemented our hybrid office/ remote culture

15 Malters

First karaoke

26 Malters

50,000 freelancers

47 Malters

Opened our first international offices in Madrid

80 Malters

85,952 freelancers

170 Malters

170,000 freelancers

200 Malters

200,000 freelancers

300 Malters

300 000 freelancers


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