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Together, we can change
the world of work.

What is planet Malt?

At Malt, we believe the combined power of our
freelance community and our own fellow Malters can disrupt the established work order for the better.

Our continued growth isn’t just a way to transform our little planet into a whole new world. It’s also a chance to collaborate, to create something greater than ourselves. After all, that's the key to reshaping how people will think about work in the future.
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Our values fuel our culture

It takes a community

They say it takes a village. But at Malt, it takes a community. We care about each other and believe in sharing – whether it’s about sharing our knowledge, our networks, or even a good meal, there is always room at our table.

Ambition is the way.

Our goal is to make a big, positive impact on the world of work. But we know it can only happen one step at a time. That's why we take the time to celebrate our victories and then get ready for the next challenge ahead.

Own your choices

Malters are free to act with autonomy, take smart risks, and work in the best way they know how. This allows us, as a company, to be stronger than the sum of our individual parts. We are not afraid to address challenges head-on. We go fast, we learn, and we always aim to do better.

Joy is our secret sauce

Joy is a habit – and we are addicted to it. We believe in putting a little bit of cheer into everything we do. After all, achieving success is a lot easier when you have an optimistic, can-do attitude.

We embrace diversity
with open arms

Diversity, equity, and inclusion has been in our DNA since day one. Your ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or any other defining characteristics are not a factor in our recruitment process. What we care about most is who
you are as a person and the skills and expertise you have to make amazing things happen.
We've scored 71/100 for the 2023 Gender Equality Index in France.
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Women make up 49,3% of our workforce and 37% of our leadership team.
Malters represent 40 different nationalities from all corners of the world.
This is just scratching the surface. Every day, we're focused on creating a better, more productive, and even more supportive work environment that aims to make every Malter feel as though they're "at home."

The perks of
working at Malt

Malt offers a variety of competitive benefits and other fun perks (some which may vary by country) that make working at Malt a dynamic and rewarding experience.

Remote work

We offer a flexible policy that gives you the freedom to split your time between the office and your home.

Free books

Want to learn more about a work-related topic? We'll buy the books to help you do just that.

Paid sabbatical

Get a one-month fully-paid sabbatical every three years to achieve personal projects

Sports events

If you're interested in competing in marathons or other sporting events, Malt will be proud to sponsor you.


Receive additional vacation days (may vary based on the country you work in).


Every malter is entitled
to stock options.
countries to work form
Malters dedicated to buildingthe future of work (aiming for 1,000 by 2024)
freelancers (and growing!) in the Malt Community
founded by Vincent Huguet and Hugo Lassiège
revenue growth y/y
(2021 vs. 2022)
70 000
550 000
Malt by
the numbers
70 000+
companies that trust Malt to recruit freelancers everyday
freelancers (and growing!) in the Malt Community
‍revenue growth y/y (2021 vs. 2022)
700 Malters
dedicated to building
the future of work
Malt is active in 9 countries and regions, such as Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the Nordics, Spain, Switzerland, the UAE and the UK
2013 : year when Malt was founded by Vincent Huguet and Hugo Lassiège

Want to know more?

If you have any question on how Malt works and how to use it, visit our FAQ site.